Friday, 14 December 2012


Carl Ashwin of Dorset Music Guide and AIR Radio has recently conducted a vido interview with Toby Toman of Primal Scream fame. The first band Toby was involved with were The Nosebleeds: as a drummer he participated to the recordings of their one and only single "Ain't Bin To No Music School / Fascist Pigs" in 1977; you may remember I dedicated a couple of posts to the band.

During the interview Carl was kind enough to mention Stereo Candies as a source of information and Toby had the chance to properly listen to The Nosebleed' single for the first time in ages, this really made my day!

The complete article and interview are available here, you can also watch the interview here below.

More information about Toby Toman, The Nosebleeds, Ed Banger and the Manchester Punk scene is available here:

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