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"J'écris mieux lorsque je suis triste. La frustation est ce qui m'a fait avancer. Si j'avais grandi dans une grande ville, où la culture est disponible à tous les coins de rue, je n'avrais jamais eu une telle curiosité. Mais a Skara, il fallait créer son propre univers, rien n'arrivait tout cuit: je peignais, jouais de la musique, écrivais des fanzines. Ça m'a endurci."

[Jay-Jay Johanson, 1997]

Jay-Jay Johanson at home in Stockholm, 1997

The following interview is taken from issue #99 of French magazine Les Inrockuptibles published in April 1997. It is probably the first important article/interview about Jay-Jay Johanson published outside of Sweden. A few months later the magazine elected Jay-Jay "revelation of the year" and featured him as cover-star on issue #124.

The complete feature/interview is available in PDF format, please have a look at the comments for the download link of a compressed file that also include - both as TXT files - the original French text along with a rough English version created with Google Translate.

"Here's where it started: Erik on my Hohner, Heikki Kiviaho on guitar and DJ Seep scratching that Al Green beat..."

More information about Jay-Jay Johanson is available here:!/JAYJAYJOHANSON

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